I have super duper sensitive skin – so when it comes to washing my body I have to be quite choosy with the products I purchase; if there’s too much going on then my skin will just say ‘hell no’ and bring me out in a beautiful rash. A firm favourite in my shower is the Sanex cream body wash, but let’s face it I’m not bowled over by the very plain scent and it does feel a bit clinical. When I was contacted and asked to try out one of the new Imperial Leather shower gels I was excited – their products have always been so gentle on my skin and smell like heaven in a bottle.

Of course – I wasn’t disappointed the consistency is so thick and creamy, a little goes a long way lathering up tremendously it just feels like you are rubbing wonderfulness into your skin.  I’m particularly fond of the applicator – the suction from the dispenser is so strong that you get almost no waste, if you don’t squeeze the bottle hard enough it will literally just suck back the product which not only makes me giggle, but c’mon it’s highly practical too 😉
The scent is so subtle but absolutely gorgeous and the green tea and the jasmine complement each other so well – added to the rice milk it’s the most relaxing, refreshing scent. Above all it’s moisturising which is why it gets such a big thumbs up from me. My skin feels hydrated and silky soft – since I’ve been using this I haven’t been reaching for my moisturise half as much. There are heaps of scents to choose from in the new range and each are dermatologically tested, with a skin friendly PH that makes it gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types.
A whopping 750ml bottle will set you back a measly £2.89 and 300ml is a teensy £1.89 – which is affordable skincare at it’s best.What are your thoughts on Imperial Leather? Have you got your mits on any of the new range?