Welcome to your new home, Rue.
I’m so, so happy to have you here with me.
As I type you’re curled up under my rocking chair snoring away – it’s 10.18am and it’s your second day living here.


I won’t write the whole thing like I’m talking to my dog who won’t actually be able to read this; but it was cute for a second, right? (yeah okay, probably not)

I’ve felt like my life has been in limbo the last three or so years – like I haven’t really had a place to properly call my own. It’s been unsettling and challenging and a total learning curve. But I think having that amount of time to get to know myself was imperative, to enable me to take on the journey of living alone for the first time.

It taught me utter independence, how to fight for what I want without relying on anyone else’s hand outs. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did it, because it means I’m now ready to look after someone else.

Little Rue.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what breed I wanted and everything came back to a Corgi. We’d had one in the family for over a decade and so I was already used to their temperament and needs. Not only that, having a 2 bed cottage meant I needed a pup that wouldn’t be too big. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of space, but it’d be a bit cramped for you know, a great dane.

I’d decided on the breed and the next step was finding her. I’m a big believer in re-homing dogs – there are so many out there and they so deserve a loving home. So before contacting any breeders, I reached out to as many rescue centres as I could. Fortunately for them, not one had a Corgi. They’re not the most popular of pups (although I have no idea why) and so the rate for rehoming is super low. And so I turned to the Kennel Club on the hunt for a credible breeder. I would always recommend looking to re-home first, but on this occasion it wasn’t to be.


That being said, I had such a perfect process getting her – including a breeder that was so incredibly thorough they could’ve given Lord Sugar a run for his money. I kept looking for reasons it might go wrong (like I do with everything in life); but it felt right from the beginning and even though she’s only been here less than 24 hours, she feels like home.

And the reason behind her name? Truth be told I struggled – I find boys names are far easier, but after an evening thinking of things and places that meant something to me, I had a lightbulb moment. Jamie and I have a special place – Paris. It’s where we spent our first anniversary and have been back to since for my birthday, it’s ‘our’ place, for want of a better word. And whilst researching all things Parisian the one word that kept cropping up was Rue, it’s French for street and I don’t know, I just loved it!


I think she’ll probably be a regular here – I’d love to do a few features on her as we go along, on things like settling in and puppy training etc, if thats something you’d like to see?

And in the mean time, you can meet her in my latest YouTube video!