The great thing about fashion is, we have creative control – and that’s exactly what makes it so goddamn special.

I recently attended a ‘fashun’ event where I was countlessly asked the questions:

‘What’s on trend this season?’ 

‘What are your fashion dont’s?’

‘What colours are in?’

And I answered the same every time.

‘I don’t really care’. 

Not because it’s not, or shouldn’t be, important to someone, but because it’s just absolutely not what fashion is about for me.

I want every single woman and man out there to be able to put on whatever the hell they want and wear it with confidence. Because it makes them feel good. Because when you wear that dress you want to take on the world. Because those brogues make you feel a million bucks – and those sweatpants? They see you through each and every single day. 

I want to wear summer dresses with my oversized, unordinary Celine Lola Sunglasses – so I will. And I’ll do it with confidence – because it’s for me and no-one else. So if you want to clash prints? Do it. Or you fancy wearing brown and black or socks with sandals? Then just DO it. 

It’s okay to be weird and wonderful at the same time.

I know we all have certain styles that won’t suit us, that perhaps we can’t always wear what we see on the catwalks, even though we might like to.

But when you look at something and fall in love with it, that’s when it’s meant to be. That’s when you say screw what anyone else thinks, this is my time and I’m going to look bloody great, thank you very much.

For a moment, be brave, put the media’s ideals behind you – forget what you’re ‘supposed’ to conform to and go for it. I doubt highly, that’ll you’ll regret it. 



Photography by West Creative