Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we can’t find the time. Sometimes we take the ones we love for granted.


It’s quite easy for me to get sucked in to the fashion element of my blog, and then, occasionally I’ll use it to vent my worries or the troubles going on in my life. But very seldomly do I use it to just shout about people I love. 

My memory isn’t my strongest asset. I struggle to remember things Jamie and I did a few weeks ago, let alone what I did when I was 2 years old. But then there’s this one woman, one of my best friends. Who’s been there for all 26 years of my life and will be permanently on my mind.

Today I want to tell you about my Nanny.

A letter to my lovely Nanny.

When I was a tiny tot, mum and I lived with her in Oxford. Mum worked super hard to look after me and with her working a full-time job, Nanny and I spent lots of time together. Working for a children’s home, I’d go with Nanny everyday, playing with the other children (and the home’s massive fluffy dog Pippa, of course).

After a while,  Mum and I moved in to our own home and my life with Nanny wasn’t as constant. We’ve lived over an hour away from her since then – and sometimes a month or two will go by without me seeing her and I’ll feel overwhelming guilt. I’ll ask myself why haven’t I made the time every month, every week even, to go and see her?

I never remember the things I probably should, but I do have memories of us that stick out – from coming home from playgroup one day to a coffee table filled with new toys that mum and Nanny had picked up from the car-boot to putting on little musicals for them to watch. And then there’s all the fun we have now, taking her for days trips to our favourite shop, John Lewis or watching the soaps with a Chinese takeaway on a Friday evening.

I’m not sure what it is about our relationship that I hold so close to my heart. Perhaps it’s the knowing that she’s always been my biggest cheerleader. Perhaps it’s that she has the kindest heart. Perhaps it’s that she taught me it’s better to be happy than to settle. Perhaps it’s because she makes the best roast dinner. Perhaps it’s that we can sit in companionable silence and have some of my favourite nights, simply being us. Perhaps it’s that she gives the best hugs. Perhaps it’s that she does a little jig when she’s nervous. Perhaps it’s that she comes from a different time and lifestyle, yet never judges me. Perhaps it’s that she always knows. Perhaps it’s that she makes me laugh. Perhaps it’s that worries melt away when she’s around.

All I know is that she’s my absolute favourite and I’d do anything for her.

And if there’s someone in your life that you love beyond measure, someone who you’d move mountains for, don’t wait. Go and see them, send them a text or make a phone-call to check in. Make plans, even if it’s a while away.

Because sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we can’t find the time. Sometimes we take the ones we love for granted.

Although sometimes, we just need a reminder – and so this is mine, to you.

I love you Nanny. Thank you for being the very best. You make me a better person.

A letter to my lovely Nanny.