I think it’s something that runs in my family, but all the girls on my mum’s side suffer quite badly with dry/chapped hands; and I am no exception. It’s just something that never seems to go away…my hands are always thirsty! It is quite frustrating, especially in the winter, because it can get quite painful; but at any other time of year I don’t mind too much, simply because I do love slapping on a good hand cream 🙂
Now, I do have an absolute favourite hand cream (which I’ll no doubt write about at some point, it’s delicious), with quite a hefty price tag attached; but Inecto are a new discovery for me, and definitely deserve a little mention, even if it is just on my little spot on the internet.
This product does everything you would expect a hand cream to do and more. It has quite a thick, creamy consistency; and being made with 100% coconut oil you’d assume that it may leave behind an oily residue, but no no! It sinks straight in to your hands, leaving them feeling silky smooth and instantly hydrated. I’m used to needing to re-apply hand cream every couple of hours, but this one quenches my little mitts for hours! And if I’m lucky, I can get away with only two applications a day. Plus the smell is divine (if you hate coconut, this isn’t the one for you), it’s lovely and sweet, whilst not being too overpowering.
And if you thought this little fella couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong. The price tag to go with it’s amazing nourishing properties is a jaw dropping £1.52 from Amazon!! I actually can’t quite believe such a low priced item can work such wonders; and seeing as it’s so affordable I’m thinking about purchasing a few of their other items, like the body lotion @ £2.03 *picks jaw up from floor*. And if you fancy picking one up from the high street, I believe Superdrug, Holland & Barratt and Bodycare supply them too.
I’m really impressed with this product, and I’m really looking forward to trying out a few more of their items…
Have any of you tried Inecto before? Or do you think you will now?