As you well know, The Vintage Set is one of my favourite
shops online. I was a little bit over the moon when the ever gorgeous Charlotte
contacted me and asked if I’d like to receive an item to style on my blog. Of
course, being the vintage perve that I am, I said yes.

Firstly, let’s appreciate the cuteness of the cardigan and
give Charlotte a massive thumbs up for her vintage thrifting eye. I’ve taken
quite a fancy to corals of late and I’m severely lacking in the cardigan
department, so this was a welcome addition to my wardrobe.
Secondly, this post will be a tad different from my usual – I’m going to show you how I would style this beauty for two different occasions. As you’ve probably picked up from on my other outfit posts I like to try and add something exciting to my outfit every day, I think it’s important to make the most of yourself and your wardrobe! (Of course we all have lazy days, where we sit writing blog posts in our pyjamas, ahem). But I thought it would be quite interesting to show you how I’d wear this outfit for a night out i.e. casual drinks / a bit of a boogie and also for just a casual mooching, shopping day! I think sometimes people are a bit nervous of shopping vintage – I want to show you how it can easily fit in with today’s fashion, and make an outfit that little bit more interesting!




Cardigan: c/o The Vintage Set. Disco Pants: American Apparel. Shoes: Zara. Belt: Thrifted
I haven’t worn my disco pants for a while now, I find myself
doing this all the time – I fall in love with something, wear it to death and
then it gets made redundant to the back of my wardrobe for probably the rest of
life. But when I saw this cardigan I knew I would pair them together. I quite
like matching a bit of bagginess with tighty-tighty – and teamed with my little
Zara heels I felt every inch Olivia Newton-John (/ of course I didn’t but you



Dress: Olive & Frank. Boots: Hudson of London

When I opt for a bit of comfort in an outfit it’s usually
‘let’s have no shape, be floaty and be done with it’ – In moo land (that’s my
nickname, yes I’m cool) that’s the definition of comfort. I think the cardi
matches perfectly with my little slip dress from Olive & Frank and it’s
definitely a Sunday lunch type of outfit.
Please do take a peek at The Vintage Set website, and give them a follow on twitter to be the first to know about special discounts and bargain vintage buys!

What do you think about how I’ve styled the cardigan? How
would you style yours?