Whilst I was in Copenhagen,, I did all of the shopping. It’s safe to say that not only is it a truly beautiful city, but they just know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion. (If you want to see everything I picked up whilst shopping, you can watch my YouTube video here).
One of the shops Jamie and I ventured in to was a favourite of mine, & Other Stories. And whilst we do have it here in the UK, I couldn’t keep myself away.
Now bearing in mind this was 1 of about 40 shops we rummaged through, I thought I’d make the laborious task of shopping with a girlfriend slightly more fun for Jamie by setting him a little task…
I asked him to pick me an outfit.
Pick your jaws up from the floor ladies, I know, there seems to be an awful lot of trust going on in this relationship! But I think I’m cool with it.
Now whilst he’s definitely a stylish chappy, it’s not quite the same dressing someone else, is it? But nevertheless, I promised to try on anything he chose and much to my surprise he hit the jackpot first time.
So without further ado, his outfit debut…


I don’t think I could’ve picked better myself to be honest.
I’m head over heels for all of it – from the marble print cropped tee with oversized sleeves and murky greys, greens and purples running through it, to the oversized, ridiculously comfortable ribbed bomber and last but certainly not least the insanely gorgeous bronzed shoes, which literally blow my mind every time I look at them.
Boy did good, no?
He certainly knows how to spend my money well, that’s for sure 😉
Now, I’d quite like to set you the challenge. To propose the same to your other halves, best friends, sisters or brothers. See what they come up with and how well they really know you when it comes to fashion. I’d love to see what you get, and if you do decide to do it, send me a little picture or link via Twitter so I can see!
I’ll give you one pointer before you start…SET A BUDGET (unlike me…you live and learn *face palm*).
And if he’ll ever be brave enough to show his face for the camera, I might even do the same for Jamie one day too! But until then, thank you JG, for styling me so beautifully – you good egg, you.



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