We’re living in a super speedy world. And it can be easy to overlook the seemingly simple things that can really have a positive impact on our day, week or month. So I thought I might start a little series.


Each month, I’ll share some small but (hopefully) impactful self care tips, that I’ll be doing throughout the month. And I’d love it if you had time to join in with me too!


1. Write a letter.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I receive random post. That someone would take time out of their day to write to me, however long or short, really makes me feel loved. So this month I’m going to pick a special someone, and let them know how much they mean to me. Self care can mean looking out for others, as well as yourself. 

2. Buy a book.

Traditional reading ain’t cheap, is it? But for me, there’s still something so special about having a physical book in my hands (that and supporting the authors of course). Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, I might just say no to a dinner out and yes to an evening in reading the new book I’ve been meaning to pick up. It’s such a mood booster for me and it’s so easy to say ‘there isn’t time’ – so let’s make some!

3. Bake.

Now, I am not a good baker. But, I used this recipe last week to rustle up these little healthy muffins and what can I say – just call me Mary Berry. They were prepared and cooked within half an hour (speedy baking is my favourite kind); and I personally love having something sweet to snack on. Knowing it’s good for me is an added bonus!

4. Make the bed.

Now this might seem easy to some, but for me it can be a real statement. There are times where I can feel so down getting up feels like the hardest thing in the world. But when I do it? I feel a real sense of positivity. I just feel more capable and that my day is off to a good start with a well-made bed.

5. Declutter.

Really, for me, this should be number 1. I am such a little clutterer, if I’m not careful (which I rarely am), I’ll end up living in chaos quicker than you can say Bob’s your uncle.

Unsurprisingly, it’s proven that clutter can increase the levels of our stress hormones and that is absolutely something we do not want. So I’m going to take five minutes everyday to declutter my space. Just by setting a timer on my phone for that short period, I’ll be able to clear out a whole bunch of nasty, and leave more space to feel calm and hopefully inspired.

I think 5 things is quite enough to be getting on with for the month, don’t you? I don’t want this to feel overwhelming to me, or to you, if you decide to take part. I also don’t want it to be expensive. So each month I’ll probably include one ‘treat’ (i.e. the book in this post!) and keep the rest as little things I can add to my routine relatively easily. Self care doesn’t have to be unattainable or pricey, we just have to want to give it a try. And sometimes, we might not want to, and that’s fine too. Just know these little lists will be waiting should you feel up to it.

I’ll also be sharing my Self Care List progress throughout the month on instagram – if you’d like to join in and share the journey, use #TheSelfCareList!



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Photography by Ewa

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