So that Zara jacket. I discovered it a
few weeks ago and tweeted a picture – the amount of replies I got saying it was
their most favourite jacket in the world ever was ridiculous. This little baby
is clearly going to be a popular one over the next few months.

Usually that would really annoy me – I don’t profess
to have a fashion style that is overly ‘different’ but I also only dress in
what I feel comfortable, which means you wont see me wearing converse, peplums
or bodycons to fit in with that seasons must haves; and I like to think that
makes me a teensy bit different to the average person. However I literally don’t
care when it comes to this jacket. I frickin love it in fact, if I could marry
it I definitely would and I know we’d live happily ever after. The amount of
comments I’ve received about it since having it a totally of 3 days is mental
and I almost don’t want to tell the people that don’t already know because I don’t
want them to have it, yeah I’m selfish.


Zara Jacket, Top: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Thrifted, Leggings: Topshop. Boots: Urban Outfitters, Dog: Monty
Teamed with my dear old velvet leggings and sheer
urban outfitters top I’m definitely letting the jacket do the talking. My
thrifted (only got 20 dollars in my pockettttt) belt is my favourite ever – it’s
falling apart but that makes me love it even more and I like the way it breaks
up all the black I seem to have going on almost every day of my life.
My nanny’s dog Monty fancied making an appearance
and apparently you can only be in the garden if you are going to throw his
ball, obviously that wasn’t happening so he decided it appropriate to photo
bomb 😉
So – who else is making the necessary purchase
of this beauty?!