I’m not ashamed to admit that casual styling is my favourite. When it comes to winter, I always want to be comfortable, warm and worry free. And it’s why basics have become more of a staple in my wardrobe over the years.

Gone are the days where I’ll purchase something whacky that has zero place in my possession. I’d much sooner invest in pieces that will stand the test of time and go with lots of other items, too.

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The Coat –

A decent, well structured coat is an absolute must at this time of year. It can be quite tricky to find a coat that ticks all the boxes for what you actually need a coat for, without it just becoming an accessory that doesn’t perform. This Arket one has it all. With a heavy-weight, wide cut a-line silhouette and pockets galore, it’s the perfect addition to my winter collection.

The Jumper –

I feel like a cashmere jumper is a luxury item everyone should own. A basic that will go with any outfit throughout winter and beyond. It’s perfect for layering and lightweight enough to be able to tuck into trousers without getting that awful gathering of fabric around your middle.


The Trousers –

Who knew that a pair of relaxed cotton chinos could feel so comfortable? I’m usually a big fan of belts with my bottoms, but these cleverly come with a waist that can be adjusted at the back with hidden elastics and buttons which makes them even more appealing to me. They’re also cropped which makes them much easier to wear.

Trousers can be a little daunting, I’ll give you that. But these are casual enough for everyday wear whilst giving a little sophistication.

The Shoes –

Styling trousers can be a bit tricky can’t it? I always feel like a brogue / flat shoe is a good shout. I picked up these Dr Martens years ago and I’ve not seen them anywhere since. But any of their shoes are a perfect investment in your wardrobe basics, they’ll go with so much and last (almost) forever.

The Hat –

Okay, I’ve been totally sucked into the bucket hat trend. I LOVE IT. My collection is growing and I’m absolutely thrilled about. I actually had a bunch when I was younger and I so wish I’d kept hold of them, but alas, baby Megs followed more trends back then and hopefully they are now being enjoyed by someone else!

They’re just perfect for this time of year. They’re big enough to not totally flatten your hair, but also wonderful for the unpredictable weather.

The Bag –

Okay, this isn’t a basic. Far from it. But something I do love to do with a stripped back outfit is add a little jazz. The muted tones of this bag compliment the trousers and my neutral makeup, too.


What would you like to see next in the styling basics series?



Photography by Ewa