We’re certainly a divided bunch when it comes to Valentine’s Day.


But I have to say, I’m totally neutral about it.

I think if you want to celebrate the person you love on a specific day of the year, why the hell not. I also think that if it makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit – well, that’s totally fine too.

I love, love – and part of me quite likes that this ~traditional~ day gives us all a little nudge to be like ‘Hey! I appreciate you!’.

We’re part of a generation that’s pretty self-absorbed, what with selfie’s right left and centre and blogs about what we wear on the daily, it’s pretty easy for us to get lost in what we’re doing and subconsciously make less time for the ones who make us who we are.

And so today, for me, is a day where I’ll celebrate every god damn amazing person in my life. From my mum to Jamie and my best friends to my Nan – I plan on spreading the love far and wide.

I don’t have the dollar to send every person I love a bouquet of flowers, but even a simple text or phone call, letting my favourite people know that they’re, well, my favourite, is enough.

Maybe not everyone needs a day to remind them to say their I love you’s.

But maybe its not so bad if some of us do.



Photography by Joe Galvin