You may remember (if you’ve been reading my blog for as long as I’ve been writing it), that I rustled up a little birthday post in April last year for our lovely little fluff ball George..the family guinea pig. He was 7 years old, which is pretty much ancient in terms of guinea pig years and at nearly 8 and a half he sadly said his goodbyes to our family and left for what I hope will be a super comfy sleep!

I think the older we get the more we try and detach ourselves from emotions that may seem silly, or embarrassing. But I certainly don’t feel silly for feeling very sad about George. To many he will be ‘just a guinea pig’ but to us, especially my little sister, he was apart of the family. He had the best life and was so friendly (as well as terribly greedy – hello King of dandelion’s).

So, here’s a toast post to celebrate what a wonderful little being he was and will continue to be up in his little guinea pig heaven.

I will miss your noisy squeaks and tubby belly.
Sleep tight George, love you always xx