Tea, Coffee & Sugar Pots: Dunelm Mill. Table & Chairs: eBay. Bar Stool: c/o Lakeland Furniture. Clock: Homesense. Kitchen Roll Holder: Not on the High Street.

I was thinking since I talk so bloomin’ much about my new
home that it might be quite appropriate to share a few snaps of the rooms with your wonderful selves.
Starting off with where I spend the majority of my time…the Kitchen. I have
to admit that this is probably my favourite place in the house. When I
envisaged my first kitchen I never imagined having something as lovely as this;
to me it feels like a proper country kitchen and it’s so light and airy I could
just sit at the island supping peppermint tea for hours on end. Obviously, that
rarely happens you’ll usually find me mop in hand! Oh…wouldn’t I make the
perfect Cinderalla 😉

Mum and Dad bought us the toaster and kettle and they’re
my favourite things. They have them in white too, which look pretty awesome but
knowing me I’d just get them absolutely filthy. Daniel is always saying how I
get more food on the floor than in the actual pots and pans.
These barstools are the comfiest things our tooshies have
ever sat on and they slot in perfectly under the island so there’s no trip hazard
(hello klutz) haha. When you sit down the seat sinks a little to adjust to your
weight which gives such sturdy support and the leather finish makes them really
easy to wipe down and clean (food fingers).Mum and I spent the afternoon painting, sanding and waxing the table and chairs. They were in a bit of a sorry state before but I’m really happy with how they turned out! Not bad for a set that only cost us £20, eh?

The clock is also a firm favourite – a bargainous £25 from
Homesense. Have you been to this shop? If not, find your local store and GO it’s
so well priced and has amazing pieces.
So, that’s our kitchen! Do let me know if this sort of
post floats your boat and if you’d like to see more? Some rooms are still a
work in progress, i.e. the lounge, but the bedroom is pretty much done now :)Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend!