One of the reasons I was so excited to re-launch Wonderful You was that with the new site, came my first home. A place I’d be able to put my stamp on.

Like with everything in my life, I was impatient. The process of buying the house took such a long time – I didn’t want to have to wait for it to look exactly how I’d envisaged for all these years prior. My Pinterest boards were bursting at the seams – my desire to decorate pretty much uncontrollable. But as that age old saying goes: good things take time (and money) – so I knew I’d have to take it easy, doing what I could, when I could.

The first room I knew I needed to make my own was the bedroom. I figured being the place I’ll start and finish my days it was important that it felt comfortable and safe, especially with living alone for the first time.

I didn’t have any furniture to take with me, so it was a room I’d be starting completely from scratch. I’ve always loved interiors, but I have to admit I was little daunted by the prospect of bringing an entire room to life. I’d pinned so many pictures and had so many ideas that I’d almost overwhelmed myself – and now I was here, I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted.

I started with this. Yellow. Sickly sweet and dirty as all hell.

The first thing I did was completely neutralise it, white wash walls are my favourite, but with that being said I knew I wanted a feature wall, too.

I had pretty much zero information but I went to West Elm, anyway. Did you know they offer free design services? Yeah, I know. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.

One hour consultations either in-store or at your home (or on the phone if you don’t live nearby to one); so that you can discuss your ideas with one of their designers. They’ll help bring the room to life, including visuals along with paint and fabric recommendations as well as a project estimate and product list.

Chantelle, their in-house designer was absolutely wonderful. I’m not very good at explaining what’s in my head but somehow she understood my jumbled brain and we got off to a great start. Furniture I needed, but I already had some accessorises that could potentially work in the space, along with some wallpaper, so I shared those images with Chantelle and she worked them in to the visuals for me so I could get more of an idea of how the space would really look.

Mid-century furniture is my favourite, I knew what I had already and what colour scheme I wanted, but that was about it. Chantelle wen’t away from our meeting and worked up these visuals and they absolutely blew me away. It was SO helpful to see how my room would look once everything was in and there were some really simple things she suggested too, like a rug under the bed and an armchair in the alcove that just hadn’t occurred to me.



I’m thrilled with how it turned out – together we made what was in my head come to life and I couldn’t recommend trying the service enough. I honestly don’t think the room would’ve turned out like this if it wasn’t for Chantelle. It unleashed the designer in me and it’s made me look at the rest of my rooms in the house totally differently.

I never thought I’d be the girl with the pink bedroom, but here we are. I saw this wallpaper on Murals website and instantly knew it was the one. Something about the simplicity of it made me feel calm, and they offer the most amazing service, too – colour matching the exact shade you want, to make it completely unique wallpaper.

Having a (semi) walk-in wardrobe I knew I should utilise the rest of the room with storage, too. I have so much stuff and decided to go for the larger West Elm bedside table for extra storage over two smaller ones – I do live alone after all! And I’m absolutely in love with the chest of drawers; it’s such a big piece of furniture but fits so nicely in to the space and provides a really decent amount of space for items to go on top.

I wanted multiple mirrors in the space to help make the room feel more spacious, by reflecting the light. I purposely placed my IKEA mirror directly opposite the door entrance so that when walking in to the room it felt open and then the West Elm circle mirror would reflect the art work and the drawers and I loved how the brass detailing matched all the other hardware in the room.

I’d had my bedside lamps for years and as a happy coincidence they perfectly matched the wallpaper and my AIDA Shoreditch cushions.

Throws are my favourite so I picked up a giant one from Next and the lovely Pomme Pomme Shop kindly gifted me their beautiful chunky knit throw.

I have so many perfumes and didn’t want to have them stored away taking up drawer space so I thought putting up a shelf so I can always pick and choose what scent to wear would be a good idea. I’ve also (lazily) used it as a place to hang some of my necklaces from.


I picked up my lampshade in a local vintage store. It was totally grim, but I knew with a good clean it would scrub up well and that it would go well with the wallpaper, too. I also wanted to add a bit of life to the room with some plants – I’ve managed to keep them alive (so far), so fingers crossed I can keep it that way!

The West Elm rug makes such a difference – it’s SO comfortable, adds warmth to the room (and the floorboards) and breaks up the space, which I love. And the West Elm chair is one of my favourite items, I feel like it really completes the room and gives me the option to relax somewhere other than bed whilst I’m in the space!

My Nanny and I went shopping for my curtains. It was one of the things I thought would be easy, but was actually the hardest thing to pick out. I knew I wanted eyelet curtains, but I couldn’t find any in the colour I wanted. But when I spotted these at John Lewis, and Nanny said she could change them to eyelet for me with her sewing skills I was over the moon. I’m so happy with how they came out and they were surprisingly the most affordable curtains we found, too.

I’m slowly learning that a home will always be a work in progress. Even when I think I need ‘just one more thing’ to make it feel complete, something else will pop up. But that’s half the fun.

But to me, this room feels so serene, I come here to relax and feel such happiness going to bed each night.

I hope you guys like it as much as I do, I’m so excited to share the next room with you, soon!