I realised that I’ve become rather consumed with so many outfit
posts that I’d stopped updating you guys on what’s actually going on in my
life. A pretty accurate reflection on my happenings is my instagram feed – I post
on it most days, sometimes more than once if I’m feeling particularly snap
happy! So without further ado, I introduce to you…Moo’s Musings. It will be a
random collage of photographs, more than likely nabbed off my instagram, to show
you all the life-y things in-between blogging 🙂 let me know if it’s something you’d like to see on a
regular basis!

L-R: I purchased the coat of dreams (see here for full
outfit post on just how bloody lovely it is).
My little sister is trying her hand at ‘felting’ a rather
skilled technique (that I will let you google for yourselves), but how SWEET
are my little peas in a pod 🙂 I do ruddy love you Lily!
Who else but the infamous Zoe Newlove. I’ve mentioned her
and her yummy blog for yonks on here. She came to stay for the weekend and we
went out for a night on the tiles..literally.
When Zoe was here we stopped off in Kurt Geiger. I fell
in love with these boots. BE MINE.
Monday blues are always soaked up by an evening pamper –
(hello NEOM bath oils)
The first fire in our new home. Full credit to Daniel, I was
purely a spectator.
Mum and I went shopping. Costa was a necessity.
Probably the best sign I’ve seen in a London Underground.
HELLO London Retro glasses..you know I love you.
How amazing are these gloves? My lovely friend Polly
bought them as a belated birthday present (pretty sure they are from Primark,
if you want to get your mitts on them – get it? Mitts? Paha).
Daniel looking all handsome, ready for a shopping trip to
Ear stuff.
We picked up this cute little lamp from the Range.
A little snap of our house – I feel so lucky to come home
to this every day.
Probably the best smell ever..Morgina body wash from the
Body Shop (blog post to follow!)
Somehow, I was selected to be a participant in Access AllASOS, and this was the lovely little welcome parcel they sent me.
Got my hair did. Slightly redder this time!
Sometimes, it’s good to be a little naughty. Chips and
gravy at work? Why not.
Meet Simone, the prettiest little lady.
Logs..make quite the nice display next to the fire place!
Setting up ready for winter 🙂
A cheeky selfie from a night out with Simone! My first
attempt at a (sort of) smokey eye.That’s all for now – see you again soon!