Travel Blogger Wonderful You shares her next trip. Travelling America and finishing in Hawaii.


On July 25th I jet off to America for a month of travelling.


I’ve never been to America before and have always said, ‘One day I’ll go to all the places’ knowing full well I’d probably never have the balls or the money or the right someone to do it with.

How things change.

I seem to have grown a pair of some serious metaphorical balls over the past couple of months and have decided: If I want to achieve something, then what’s stopping me? I have the ability to make this life the one I’ve always wanted. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I guess I kind of believe in myself, now.

And with that being said, my good friend Nicola and I booked our trip of a lifetime and I’m so ready for it.

We met up one evening after work and made our own itinerary, a list of our dream destinations. We did a little bit of research on booking it independently, but quickly made the decision to drop in at a travel shop, just to see what they could offer.
We were prepared for our ultimate trip to be way out of budget, but surprisingly, it came in under what we’d both allowed for. Yeah, I nearly wet myself right there and then.

So where are we going, you ask?

New York – 3 days
Niagara Falls – 1 day
Las Vegas – 2 days
Grand Canyon
San Francisco – 2 days
LA – 3 days
Hawaii – 1 week


Booking it through the Holiday Hypermarket meant we could tailor our package to include for exactly what we wanted. I know a lot of people book on to a coach or camping tour through somewhere like STA travel, which is amazing – but Nic and I felt that we wanted to do this particular trip just the two of us, go with the flow, experience it in our own way.
Holiday Hypermarket arranged our trip through a company called Hayes & Jarvis and the package we created cost just over Ā£3,000 each and included, flights, internal flights to each destination, transfers and hotels. It’s a lot of money, but actually a lot less than what I thought it would cost to do all of the above!

So, now we just need to book our excursions for all of the places we’re visiting. Having never been to America before, I’m going in a little blind. If any of you have any tips on what to do, who to book excursions through and any good places to eat etc. that would be amazing šŸ™‚

The countdown is ON.

Saying I feel happy right now doesn’t quite cut it.

I frickin’ LOVE the second half of 2015.

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