You’d think moving into a slightly bigger house would mean I had more room for my clothes, but apparently that’s not how it works *eye roll*. We’re (more than) fortunate to have an extra room which means I have a dressing room(!!) which I’m beyond grateful for.

In my old house I had a built in wardrobe and so moving meant I needed storage and pretty quickly. Jamie had a clothing rail from his old place and so I commandeered that as soon as the unpacking began. But as you can see from the photos, it was absolute chaos.

There was no order and it quickly turned into a dumping ground with a sea of clothes and shoes.


SO many people recommended going for the IKEA Pax wardrobes – the built-in storage solution I was looking for, at a fraction of the price of other brands or carpenters. So, taking your word for it we made our way to our local store, because I have to be honest, designing one online felt way more difficult than it needed to be? Probably just me, but I found it near on impossible to work out!

Anyway, I was too afraid to do it myself for fear of messing it up – so the store seemed like a good idea, and that way we could see everything IRL, too.

I knew I wanted the dark brown/black wardrobes, but that was about it. Arriving at the wardrobe section we took a ticket from the machine and waited for our turn. The lady we spoke with was incredibly helpful and knew the Pax range inside out so could guide us through what options might work best.


I’d made a list beforehand to make sure I had every section covered. I.e. how much space I would need for knitwear, shoes, accessories etc. That way we wouldn’t need to waste time working that out on the day and could just get to building straight away.

All in all I think it took us about half an hour. I decided to go for the floor to ceiling height and didn’t fill the whole room; as the way the room is shaped means I’d actually lose more space with corner units. This design maximised storage space and given the height, meant it was double the space I had before whilst still using the same square footage.

There’s now also space for my jewellery, accessories AND bags, which were all in another room before.

I felt a bit flashy on the day and opted for the lights above the shelving too. I’d made the decision not to have doors, so I thought having the lights would be a good way to make it look, I don’t know, neater?! And I’m really glad I did! IKEA are amazing for value, but they’re not the most incredible quality, and the lights definitely make it feel more luxurious.

Lastly, we opted for IKEA’s delivery and build option. Which worked out at around £240 for both. The guy who came to install it was here for a full day (9-5), so it was absolutely worth getting a professional in to do it, especially given the height of the thing!!

ikea-pax-wardrobe ikea-pax-wardrobe


I wanted to be able to maximise the space I had left and to keep everything I needed to ‘get ready’ in one space. I found this vintage dresser on Facebook Marketplace for a bargainous £40. It fits all of my makeup and hair products in which is so lovely, and it feels like such a treat to be able to have a whole space dedicated to getting ready. I feel very lucky.

I’m really happy with how it’s come together. Sure, if I had endless money I would put in some new flooring and maybe paint the walls, but it’s the most perfect space and I absolutely love coming in here every morning.

What do you think?

Lots of love,

Megs x


LIGHTS: £124