I did it.

I bought a house.

Writing those words, knowing you’ll be reading them soon enough – it fills my heart, and my eyes.

Rewind three and a half years – I was moving back in with my parents after a break-up, earning not much at all and blogging on the side.

When 2015 rolled around I made my decision – come July I would fly solo. I would spread my wings and take on a new adventure. Yes, I’d taken a step or two backwards, living with my parents again, but I knew what I wanted to achieve and I made myself a promise.

That I would leave my office job, try blogging full time and save for a mortgage. So that come April 2017, I’d be able to look for a house and hopefully buy one.

And I did it.

I’ll probably sound like a right tool for saying so, but I genuinely mean it: I never thought I’d be able to do this.

I worked my arse off, to be independent and provide for myself – something I’d never been able to do before.Let me tell you, being self-employed and buying a house alone is not easy.

Everything happens for a reason and sometimes life can be so very shitty; but quite often, it’ll be a blessing in disguise.

These things are sent to try us, sure – but god I wouldn’t change a thing.

When I look back at the last few years of my life I feel nothing but pride. I learned what it is to value loved ones in my life, but know that I could do it alone, too. I learned that I could control my own destiny and stop waiting for others to make it happen for me. I was never actively lazy, or greedy – but I had very little self confidence that I could make anything more of my life than I had already.

This house, this place I will call home, is the single thing I’ve stuck to, my commitment never wavered, my mind, body and soul was always sure – this was something I simply had to do.

And little house, you’ll mark a new chapter of my life. One I’m quite petrified of. One I never imagined I’d be doing solo, but couldn’t be any more grateful to myself that I am. My next promise is that I will try my best to embrace this adventure; just like the one I set off on my way to find you.

Today I collected the keys to a whole new beginning – and I can’t wait to share this next phase of my life with you all.