I’ve been wearing glasses now for the past two years; not constantly, just when my eyes started to get a bit tired after starring at the computer screen for too long, or getting engrossed in a ridiculously long (but brilliant) book. I must admit, at first I was horrified; I cried, (yes I am a complete baby), and thought I looked just, well, silly really. I know you’ll all be thinking “why didn’t you just go for contacts?” arhhhhhhh dsfjhdsfsgtidfjk, would be my answer. I have a massive fear of anything that involves eyeballs, so touching them is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do. But now, after two years of wearing them, I can say I finally feel a little bit of confidence seeping out. I don’t feel embarrassed and I’m actually a teeny bit happy I have them. 
It’s a good job really, as I popped to the opticians a few weeks ago, and was told my eyesight had deteriorated slightly (I had noticed, I had just chosen not to acknowledge the fact), which meant I’d need to wear glasses pretty much all the time. And, seeing as I was now quite partial to a touch of spectacle wearing, I thought I would indulge in a new pair; and here they are:
excuse the bobbily forehead – yum

What do you think of them?  Do any of you choose glasses over contacts? When I’ve put a little bit more money aside, I think I might splurge on another pair. Well, I am going to be wearing them full time, and a girl has to accessorise right? Good 🙂