Okay no holes barred. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Thank you J.K. Rowling from stepping away from the repetitive nature of the first two and giving this one it’s chance to fly. I devoured every single page.

The first chapter few chapters were bloody brilliant. Harry blowing up Aunt Marge was an excellent choice on Harry’s behalf. I was genuinely open mouthed with horror at how insanely rude she was to him about his mum and dad. J.K. certainly doesn’t hold back on the savage nature of the Dursley family eh?

The Knight bus, leaky cauldron and Cornelius Fudge chapter was a fun start to the book and mixed it up a bit from the standard summer holiday’s.

I really enjoyed getting a little more time to explore Diagon Alley too…(like it was me actually looking around, lol). Visting diagon alley would be an absolute dream though, wouldn’t it? Every time it’s mentioned I can feel the magic oozing out of the page.

Things definitely got a little darker with the introduction of the dementors. Jesus they are literally what my nightmares are made of. It felt like quite a step away from the first two books and not as child friendly as the others have been.


The Quidditch match with the dementors was god awful and made me feel sick, but I did really love the relationship Harry and Lupin built off the back of it. Lupin’s character was my favourite of this book, he gave me all the warm fuzzy feels. He felt like the kind of man I’d like to wrap up in a big cuddle and have a cup of tea with. Expecto Patronum gave me a big smile, too. I always hear Potter fans saying it and it was nice for it to finally make sense!

I have to say, I didn’t enjoy Snape’s character as much in this book. In the first few I found his disgruntled persona endearing, but it actually got on my nerves a little throughout this one.

I thought Hermione was a bit of a tit about the whole Crookshanks / Scabbers fiasco. Like, Crookshanks was clearly a meanie, I don’t know why she didn’t just say sorry to Ron! But their love hate relationship is  cute.

And don’t get me started on Malfoy and how INSANE it is that he got away with having Buckbeak executed. Poor Hagrid and his animals, he doesn’t have much luck does he?

Hagrid’s character is one that will stand the test of time I feel. He’s so warm and loving and sweet. It breaks my heart every time something happens to him and it’s equally frustrating that no-one seems to be learning IT IS NEVER HAGRID’S FAULT.

Professor Trelawny makes me laugh, I can just imagine her character with her big eyes and dazed expression. But on page 238 where she’s speaking like she’s possessed is absolutely terrifying. If I was a child reading that, I’d have had nightmares for days!


Okay the last few chapters of this book are mental. I lost count of how many times I turned to Jamie, open mouthed and absolutely flabbergasted.

The Cat, Rat, Dog chapter – closing the book before bed and turning to Jamie to say ‘is this, this!?’ seems to be becoming a common occurrence. This time it was:

Is Sirius Black a DOG?!

And Pettigrew being a RAT?! I mean, I couldn’t believe it. I’d have been so livid if I was Ron and had carried him around for so long! J.K.’s twists are something else in this book.

I felt like everything was a lot more solid in its approach with this plot. And I was jumping up and down whilst Lupin was trying to explain who Sirius really was. WHY WOULD NO-ONE LET HIM SPEAK!!!! These thirteen year olds, I tell you.

The whole way through the ending chapters I imagined Pettigrew to be Timothy Spall in my head. I had to google it after I’d finished and I couldn’t believe it was him!!!! Not sure if that’s majorly insulting Timothy…but he is a bit rodent like isn’t he?

There was a really lovely bonding moment between Harry and Dumbledore at the end, too. I actually wrote in my notes ‘Dumbledore is so wise’ LOL. He just has a way of making everything seem like it’s going to be okay, doesn’t he?

Hermione and her classes was irritating me throughout the whole book, so I was very happy when we finally learned what she was up to and Dumbledore put it to use at the end.

Buckbeak surviving was honestly the happiest I’ve been since lockdown started. And it was nice for Harry to have something happy happen for him in a family respect with Sirius; again, I didn’t see that one coming.

I was however, super sad to see Lupin go, and even more so because it was Snape who got him sent away.

And even though it was a positive ending I still feel a bit uneasy about Sirius not being okay, like it’s not a totally happy ending is it? But then I suppose they never are with he who shall not be named floating around!


Just bloody brilliant.