It’s a dreaded word that all of us would rather put to the backs of our minds that face up to the fact that 1 in 3 of us are likely to get it. 

I wasn’t sure whether I could write a blog post on this. I’m not even sure now as my nails tap the keys, what I can possibly say to do any justice to this subject, to her. 

The shock I felt when I found out my dear friend Lauren had been diagnosed with breast cancer completely winded me. I couldn’t believe it.

This doesn’t happen to people I know.

This doesn’t happen to my friends.

This doesn’t happen to a healthy, happy, 30 year old woman.

Except it does. 

We are blessed with life, that for the most part is so wonderful we more often than not, take it for granted.

We go to our jobs, we earn our money so we can buy our fancy things, we socialise with friends and we wine and dine our loved ones.

But what do we do when that’s not an option anymore?

Lauren is sick, but never before have I witnessed such strength.

You can see it for yourself in her latest blog post, where you’ll find out more about how she’s kicking cancers butt, and also hear more about her story on her instagram. She’s sharing the nitty gritty about her titty and I am SO proud of her. Her honesty, guts and determination are nothing short of inspiring; and I’ve no doubt she is helping so many other people with their journey, too.

I always knew Lauren would have this attitude, because she’s absolutely incredible. But even with the right mindset, there are still things completely out of our control.

Did you know that statutory sick pay is £350 per month? Yeah.

That means paying her rent and doing the food shop? Near on impossible.

I just had no idea that needing to take time off for treatment might mean she couldn’t live comfortably. That there’s basically no money, from any platform, to make the most prevalent time to get well, easier to manage.

All of her energy should be going on how she’ll get better, not worrying how she’ll pay the bills.

It’s utter madness.

But that’s why the GIRL VS CANCER titty-tees were born. My lovely lady managed to create her own business, because what the hell else was she going to do?! And because of that, because of her, you can help Lauren, thousands of other cancer patients, and have something pretty darn awesome for yourself, too.

Taking part in this photo shoot, with a bunch of other inspiring women was a highlight of 2016. I’m surrounded by such incredible ladies and Lauren is one of the best. I can’t wait for her to be well again but in the meantime, all I can ask of you is to dig deep, do what you can to spread the word using #GirlVsCancer and look like an absolute boss in the process.

And don’t forget to give your tits a squeeze too, ladies.


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