I decided to do a trek of America without giving it a moments thought. It wasn’t until I was sat on the minibus, having landed at New Orleans just moments before, that reality hit me.

I would be spending 8 days, trekking from state to state, with a group of people I didn’t know, spending 6 hours a day on the road and bunking up with the others in the evening.

I sat on my own on the mini bus on the way to our first hotel. A few tears escaped my eyes and I tried my best to disguise them. I was hormonal and tired and still very much in the grips of depression. I had been so excited at the prospect of seeing America again, I hadn’t realised – that perhaps I’d overestimated myself. Perhaps I thought I was in better health than I actually was. That maybe this would be too much and that I’d made a big mistake thinking I was capable.

It was late and the others were all headed out to get pizza. I stayed at the hostel by myself, popped on my pyjamas, eye mask and ear plugs and aimed to sleep it off. If nothing else, I knew I had to stay true to what I could do, not what anyone else may expect.

I woke up the next morning, our first day of travelling ahead of us, and I made the decision there and then. 

These opportunities are few and far between, for all I know I may never get to see this part of the world again and so I said to myself:

‘You’re going to roll with the punches Megan, and soak up every god damn beautiful part of this trip. Let your insecurities and worries trickle off your shoulders and embrace strangers becoming friends and parts of the world teaching you more than you could’ve dreamed’.

And so I did.

Yes, anyone can write a guide on how to travel, but TrekAmerica quite literally changed my mindset, it brought me out of the shell I’d been hiding under for a year and it taught me endless lessons. 

And I can’t wait to share them with you.

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