Normally, when I book to go away somewhere, it’ll be to another city or perhaps even another country. Very rarely do I treat an escape to the countryside as a holiday.


The countryside is my home – I’m the woman who pays a handful of visits to London each month but can’t wait to scurry back to the peace and serenity that village life gives me. And so when the opportunity arose to visit a somewhat local getaway I was excited. A home from home experience felt like the most relaxing thing I could do right now.

Lords of the Manor is a beautiful hotel situated in Upper Slaughter, a tiny little village that resides in the picture perfect Cotswolds district. It’s actually only a stones throw away from London too – so wherever in the country you are, it’s a pretty central spot to get yourself to.

I booked Jamie and I in for a one night stay on Halloween – his birthday. We’re both pretty much past the party scene, and this year I wanted to do something a little more special than just a meal at our local hotspot. I can’t even begin to tell you how magical it was. Dating back to around 1649 this hotel has heaps of history behind it (and was once owned by no other than Henry the VIII (I know!!)) – as you can imagine, everything about it exudes luxury.

In our room was a beautiful book, letting us know everything about the hotel and all the things we could do around the Cotswolds whilst we were there – we decided we’d rather make the most of our time at the hotel, but we did have a little explore around the village and then hurried back to set up camp in our beautiful room.

Having arrived quite late in the afternoon, we nestled in to the comfy armchairs in the lounge area to have some cream tea before exploring the grounds. The gardens are pretty spectacular here and I genuinely felt like I was on the set for The Secret Garden; every corner had something new and special to tell.


We were booked in for dinner at the hotels restaurant for 8pm, with drinks and canapés at half 7. I knew that the restaurant had a michelin star, but neither Jamie or I were quite prepared for just how mind blowing this evening would be. The restaurant offered 5 or 7 course tasting menus that are completely unique and seasonal – we opted for for the 7, of course…

Part of me wished I’d taken some snaps of the food, but it was such a special evening I wanted to leave the cameras behind and just get completely lost in the experience – because that’s exactly what it was, the most incredible experience. (Take a peek on their website here to see what I mean).



I knew Jamie felt a little out of his depth and I was a little apprehensive too – I mean, we’re used to Nando’s and a coke and this really was something quite different. The staff were incredible and absolutely nothing was too much – it may have been posh but they so clearly wanted everyone in that restaurant to have the best time that our apprehensiveness quickly melted away.

We ate to our hearts content and I kept squeezing Jamie’s hand across the table every time a new course came out and it looked prettier than a painting. From langoustine to duck and pork to banana soufflé, we had it all. 

We rolled ourselves up to bed at 10.30pm and had the best nights sleep of our lives before feasting on the complimentary breakfast in the morning.

It was the perfect getaway for Jamie and I to just enjoy being together and completely switch off. 

Writing this now even feels like a dream, it really was so very special. It’s without doubt the most luxurious hotel I’ve stayed in in the UK – from the grounds to the rooms and the restaurant to the bars, everything was a+.


If you’re looking for a treat beyond measure, book yourself in to Lords of the Manor – you’ll leave feeling like a Queen and I guarantee it will be one of the most special getaways of your life.


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