You may remember my post from a while back on Elemis’ new skincare range. There were a few items in there that were really lovely, but as a whole the range wasn’t tailored particularly well to my skin. The lovely people at Elemis read my review, got back in contact and asked if I would like to try some of the Fresh Skin range aimed at blemished and problematic skin. Of course I said yes – I’m always looking for products that will help sort out my troublesome skin.


There a few products that I will be writing about from the range, but first up is the Skin Clear Overnight Serum. This product is aimed at blemished prone skin and aims to work its magic whilst you’re sleeping. Now – the bottle instructs you to apply a thin layer across the whole of your face; but being wary of anything I haven’t tried before I wasn’t very willing to slop a whole face full of this serum on. Instead I used a pea sized amount and spread it across the areas that were suffering with a few howlers as well as applying across my t-zone where I suffer with larger pores. The smell isn’t at all overpowering and the serum sinks well into the skin without leaving a sticky residue (let’s face it, nobody wants that), whilst providing a cooling sensation on the skin. I have to say I’m really impressed with the results – the spots that were bulbous, red and painful the night before are left calmer, smaller and less prominent and my pores were tightened. Now I’m not going to fib and say it got rid of all my spots overnight, it didn’t – but it definitely helped to reduce them and take away the pain without drying out the area which I’ve found to be a common thing in most acne/spot treatments. My spots now hang around for 3 days, instead of 2 weeks. It’s the most sensitive spot solution product I’ve tried to date (trust me, I’ve been through them all) and for the £17.99 price tag, it’s definitely going to be something I’ll keep as a staple in my routine. I’m not sure that I’ll ever use it as an all over treatment – perhaps when my skin and hormones change and is less sensitive I could use it to even out my entire skin-tone but for now the next products on my list are the facial wash and moisturiser…fingers crossed!
Have you tried anything from the Elemis Fresh Skin range? What were your thoughts?