In all the excitement of getting this done, I totally forgot I hadn’t shared the transformation on here! Moving into the house, we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford to do everything straight away. But one thing we decided to focus on was making slight adjustments to the rooms as they were.

The kitchen isn’t our dream, but we do love the space. So instead of just leaving things as they were, we made the choice to just make it a little more us, whilst we save to be able to do a full renovation.


The previous owners had no qualms about making a statement, which I’m totally onboard with. But just not in the form of this wallpaper. I think it’s a bit of a marmite situation – some people would come over and LOVE it and others would be highly offended (ha). It’s safe to say it wasn’t our cup of tea, and removing it felt like the simplest way to make the room our own. The rest of the walls were neutral and quite a nice colour, so we left them as is, meaning the only ‘decoration’ required was a new feature wall. Moving in we didn’t even have a dining table, so our only aim was to make this space liveable and welcoming for guests.



Compared to the aesthetic in my first home, this space is very calm and collected. I wanted it to be neutral and modern, whilst still retaining the victorian character and adding a little warmth. (Hi SMEG fridge bringing the sunshine).

The wallpaper is from Graham and Brown and slightly textured, which is lovely. How it compliments the walls and adds a little depth without being overpowering or too much of a statement makes me very happy.

I never appreciated the struggle to find the right dining table, but MY LORD. It’s not easy is it? Initially we thought we would need a round table to make the space feel open, but they’re all either teeny tiny or ginormous. And when the decision was made that it would need to be a rectangular shape, they were all way too big, too.

MADE saved the day – and had so much choice. Both Jamie and I fell in love with the smooth concrete top of this one and I think it really compliments the industrial feel of the island lights. It weighs an absolute tonne, but is incredible quality and comes up clean and radiant after any spillages (very important when you have an 11 year old in the house!)

Dining chairs were also a bone of contention. IF YOU DON’T WANT VELVET CHAIRS WHERE ON EARTH DO YOU GO?!!?

The answer: Rockett St George.

One of my favourite things in the room are these chairs. They’re so beautiful, sturdy and comfortable. I’m a sucker for rattan and these beauties tick every box. They also compliment the sofa really well (which is, without doubt, the comfiest leather sofa I have ever sat on).


When we first moved in both Jamie and I felt a bit overwhelmed by this space. Neither of us had had space for a proper dining area before and we weren’t entirely sure whether we’d be able to pull it off. But I have to say I’m pretty proud of us.

Having space to have a sofa in the dining room will never not feel amazing to me. And it’s just so lovely to be able to cook and be social at the same time.

What do you think? Do you like the transformation?

If you’d like to have a look at any of the items in more detail, they are all listed below.


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