Just before Christmas arrived, on December 21st to be exact, Jamie and I embarked on our first trip away together. A city break to Copenhagen – without doubt the most beautiful European city I’ve visited. The best way I can explain how visually stunning it is, is to ask you to imagine. Imagine a film set, un-lived in, but filled with warmth and happiness and people. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it feels. So perfectly put together that it almost seems untouched, in the most beautiful way.

We crammed a hell of a lot in to just a few days and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you a few things we both really enjoyed, to add to your list of what to do when you visit. A City Guide, if you will.


So let’s start with Breakfast shall we?


Designed by a local artist, Filip Jensen you’re welcomed on the door and throughout the establishment with life-size animals in costumes. It’s eccentric to say the least and although it has badgers casually riding ostriches next to the tables, you instantly feel homely with its atmospheric lighting and cosy corners. At 119.00 Kr. for a fry-up it’s no more expensive than a tasty English breakfast in central London town. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend if you’re looking for a slightly less touristy feel.
Average Spend Per Person: 200.00 Kr.
What about lunch?

One of my favourite hideouts in Copenhagen had to be Kalaset – hidden in a downstairs basement was a vintage treasure. Old radios mounted on the walls and filled to the brim with locals it instantly warmed my heart. Jamie and I stopped in here for some Pancakes, that were by far the best I’ve ever tasted (and yes, I have travelled America). The produce felt incredibly fresh and the quality was outstanding. Averaging around £6 for pancakes with a topping of fruit and maple syrup, you’re on to a winner. They serve everything in here from lattes to sandwiches, so you can satisfy your appetite no matter the hour.
Average Spend Per Person: 110.00 Kr.



Another that you may not have necessarily heard of, but that’s 100% worth a visit, is Oyster & Grill – which I’m hoping will be pretty self explanatory from the title. Jamie had the best steak he’d ever tasted and I opted for Lobster – a first for me but probably the best decision I’ve ever made (food wise, at least). The quality of the food was that of a Michelin star restaurant, but what made this restaurant so much more appealing was it’s homeliness when it came to presentation. Incredible food with no fuss, is the only way I can describe it. The best seafood and the finest steak you’ll find in Copenhagen, that’s for sure.
Average Spend Per Person: 215.00 Kr.


Stonebaked, sourdough pizza. UH-HUH. This is the restaurant that pretty much everyone who’s been to Copenhagen has recommended to visit. It’s a famous tourist hotspot and for good reason. The pizza is out of this WORLD. Who new sourdough could be so incredible? With a lovely little bar waiting area (you’ll probably be waiting a minute or two if you haven’t booked a table as this place is damn popular) it didn’t feel like an age before we were seated and the service was speedy and friendly – definitely worth the little wait.
Average Spend Per Person: 200.00 Kr.


To Sleep


Situated in the Latin quarter of Copenhagen, sits SP34 – A brand spanking new 4* boutique hotel. In short, it’s an instagram-able, pinterest pin-able dream. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but with two restaurants, fantastic service and a private cinema to boot, well, it’s not been awarded it’s star rating for nothing. It was an absolute pleasure staying here – as with most places in the city, it took a healthy stance and offered an organic breakfast so we started each day feeling fresh. The hallways reminded me of a prison maze that you simply had to explore and the bedroom was absolutely stunning. Staying true to the nature of the old town houses the hotel was built within but adding elements of contemporary and simplistic design with the bathrooms and furnishings makes for the perfect relaxing space. A real treat.
Some photos are taken from Hotel SP34 site. Found Here.
Things to do
The picture perfect spot for your time in Copenhagen. And out of all of the places, this is the one you just have to visit. A short walk away from the town centre shops, is the Nyhavn river – back in the day, this is where all the ships would come to dock – but now? The old, beautiful houses that line the old port have been renovated in to restaurants making this a super popular place to visit. The old cobbled streets, wonky buildings, brightly coloured and simplistic in their design are a beauty to behold. Wandering up and down the water, you’ll find yourself walking for miles and certainly wont be disappointed. You might even spot a rather popular mermaid.
Not quite what you think it might be…Tivoli is an amusement park, open at peak times throughout the year. Unlike your typical theme parks, Tivoli offers something really quite beautiful. Yes it has rides and rollercoasters, but the beauty behind them is that they are all designed with the architecture of the incredible buildings that run throughout in mind – so it’s perfect for all ages. With gardens to roam around, rollercoasters to ride, quaint little shops, musicals and open air shows and many restaurants to choose from it’s a full day event. The gardens are transformed at key points of the year, too. So if you’re visiting throughout October and January you’ll feel like you’re in Halloween or Christmas land. It’s perfect day or night, but the gardens are filled with beautiful lighting arrangements come evening, which is really something special. A handy tip if you’re visiting peak season – situated at the front of the entrance is a self-service ticket machine, here you can avoid the long queue to pay on the door! Once you have your ticket, shimmy on over to the left hand side queue which is for pre-paid ticket entry. You’ll be inside in no time 🙂
You will not be disappointed with the shopping situation when visiting this city. From beauty stores such as Sephora to fashion from Mulberry and H&M it has something for everyone. The main shopping ‘strip’ is situated on Strøget. With Urban Outfitters, & Other Stories and many more familiar stores, you’ll feel right at home. But do make sure you check out some local shops such as MOSS Copenhagen and Weekday to get a taste for some affordable, but beautiful Danish fashion.
And of course if you’re visiting near Christmas, you’re guaranteed to feel ridiculously festive with the beautiful Christmas Markets.
One last thing to remember when thinking about visiting Copenhagen is that it probably isn’t as expensive as you think it is. Back in the day it was super pricey, but now, what with our costs constantly inflating, theirs have stayed pretty stagnant. Making a weekend trip to Copenhagen no more expensive than one to London. I was seriously impressed with the cost for absolutely everything, especially when the quality was so incredibly high.
The cleanest, most beautiful and healthy city I’ve visited for a long time. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

A huge thank you to Jamie for whisking me away to such a magical place – you’re the very best.*Average Spend Per Person is based on what we personally ate and drank, to give you a rough estimate on what you can expect to spend 🙂