Well I should probably say Happy New Year first shouldn’t I?!

But for the first time this year, Jamie and I hosted Christmas at our house and I wanted to share a little slice of it with you.

Some of you may know we bought our first home together in the summer and decided pretty much straight away that we’d love to have my family round for Christmas dinner. It’s the first time either of us have had enough space to entertain and with Christmas being my favourite time of year, it felt like just the occasion!

I’ve been fortunate enough to go thirty full years without having to think about hosting – but when it came to dressing the table for Christmas lunch I was so excited. I mean, I was excited to have a dining table, period. But to be able to plan place settings? Well that made me pretty darn gleeful. 

I wanted it to be quite minimal and decided on a gold and orange theme back in October (yes, I am that sad). I sourced the napkins from an independent Etsy seller, as well as the candles. The gold plates, mirrored coasters and berry pinecones were from a local independent shop. I initially wanted to cut off a few sprigs from the Christmas tree for the centrepiece, but I remembered I had this faux eucalyptus in my study from last year and thought that would look lovely!

The name cards have to be my favourite part.

  • x1 mini wreath (I sourced mine from amazon)
  • x1 bunch of fresh rosemary
  • garden wire
  • gift tags and string

All you need to do is push a sprig of rosemary into one of the larger gaps within the mini wreath, and then gently bend it round the curve of the wreath. Once you’re happy with the shape, secure it with some garden wire and tie to the back.

I even tried my hand at calligraphy for the first time – just pick up a calligraphy pen from your local art shop and practice! It wasn’t easy, and took me a long time, but I was so happy I gave it a go.

Then simply thread the string through your tag and tie it in a bow round the wreath and, tada!

I tied some excess string around the middle of the napkin, too, so that it fanned out nicely round the wreath.

Our crackers were from Graham & Green and were recyclable as well as having wooden cracker toys which were great and so much better than your usual crackers.

I was really happy with how it came together and to top it off Jamie cooked the most incredible Christmas dinner, including bacon and apple brussels and his own cranberry sauce.

What do you think? I hope it give you some inspiration for Christmas 2020!

Lots of love,

Megs x