Since I can remember I have suffered with hay fever. When I was a tot, it was horrific; I literally looked like I’d been through ten rounds with Mike Tyson every, single, day. I took medication prescribed through my local GP with no luck (it probably didn’t help that I enjoyed spending a lot of time in fields frolicking around, ha). I admit, with age, my allergies seem to have settled slightly; but the one thing that still gets me every year is ‘itchy eyes’. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, it is the most frustrating thing ever. For pretty much the entire spring period, leading on to summer, my eyes are constantly itchy, bloodshot and streaming; and because I’m itching them so much, my eyes become puffy. Not a good look. Plus, it means I really struggle to wear mascara *hides face with hands*, simply because it will just end up all over my face and sting my eyes!
I’d tried medication, eye drops and traditional methods such as rubbing Vaseline around my eyes and lashes – can I just ask what does that even do?! Apart from make you look like a plonker; but I couldn’t find anything that worked for me. I genuinely thought I would be stuck with these hideous eyes forever :(. That was until I discovered LizEarle’s EyeBright. This stuff is amazing. It doesn’t stop you getting hay fever, but I would definitely say it’s a preventative.
Every morning and night, I squirt a little of the liquid on to two cotton pads (a little goes a long way) and sweep them over the entire eye area. It instantly cools any irritation and leaves the eye area revitalised, whilst reducing any puffiness/ redness. As most of you will know, Liz Earle only uses natural ingredients; and the soothing properties included in this bottle of wonderfulness mean that you can use this to remove your eye makeup too, if you have sensitive skin like me. Plus, if I’m having a bit of a ‘pamper me evening’, I’ll slap on a facemask and lay in the bath with two pads over my eyes; the longer you leave it to work its magic the better the results, and my eyes always feel super healthy and soft afterwards.
It’s 100% a multipurpose product, and for the price tag of £10.25 for 150ml, I think I’ll use it forever, regardless of whether I continue to suffer with hay fever or not.
So what do you think? Have any of you tried EyeBright, or do you have any products you would recommend for hay fever sufferers?