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Over the next few weeks I’ll be chatting all things sleep. It’s one of, if not the most important thing we do, and for me, it all starts with a great mattress.

I live alone but often have a sleepover buddy in the form of Jamie. Whilst I adore this man, sleeping next to him isn’t always a joy…and word has it, he’d say the same about me.

We thought it would be quite fun to share some of our weird and wonderful sleep habits with you – the epitome of personal!



Jamie CLUCKS. Yes, that’s right. He clucks like an actual chicken in his sleep. He has trouble with his sinuses and because of that his breaths get trapped, causing him to make the most annoying sound in the history of the world! If he wakes me up I’ll have to roll over, tap him on the shoulder and whisper

“You’re clucking, jg”.

I would say I’m the perfect person to sleep next to, but he may disagree. I’m incredibly still – once I’m asleep I pretty much don’t move. There has been the odd occasion where jg has been kept awake waiting for a movement or a deep breath to make sure I’m still alive. Ying and Yang, us two.

However when I’m struggling to drift off, my mind is whizzing round at 100mph and counting sheep isn’t cutting the mustard, the eve mattress helps to stop me being throttled by my better half. It’s motion absorbing, meaning I can wriggle around on my side of the bed without the mattress moving around and disturbing jg’s sleep.

It also means when either of us gets up first thing in the morning to let the dogs out, we don’t wake the other up. The absorption allows us to slip out and back in again without ever knowing we were gone.


I remember sleeping in Jamie’s bed for the first time and being absolutely horrified. His mattress was full of broken springs that prodded into my back. And his duvet had pretty much disintegrated, so the duvet cover just flopped about. The first time he slept in my bed I’m quite sure the heavens opened and swallowed him right up. This mattress is made for all sleeper types (even the broken spring-y kind) and so there’s no arguments when it comes to it being too firm or too soft. The bedding is also an absolute dream – linen is my favourite, if not for the fact that creases don’t matter, for the soft and snuggliness it provides.



Jamie didn’t tell me this until about two years into our relationship – but before he met me, he would always fall asleep watching something on TV. I’m a get in bed, lights out, and goodnight kind of girl. I absolutely cannot tolerate any kind of noise when it comes to getting off to sleep. Whereas jg is the opposite – He’ll put on an episode of friends or a documentary and slowly drift off into the land of nod. I can’t believe he didn’t tell me; I felt so bad knowing there were many nights he lay awake for hours willing himself to fall asleep!!! (Not bad enough to put the TV on, however).


This isn’t so much a thing that disturbs our forty winks, but in my sleep I tend to clench my jaw. It happens more when I’m stressed or anxious but when it does I always wake up with a headache and a sore face. Having done it for so long, it’s wound up breaking down the socket in my jaw and so now when I open my mouth my jaw clicks really loudly. Jamie absolutely hates it. I’ve finally got myself a mouth guard, so hopefully it’ll ease up – but it is pretty gross (even though I hate to admit it).

Along with the clucking – jg also likes to snore. Thankfully it’s not too loud, but when he gets going, he does somewhat resemble a small train. A recipe of the clucking and snoring together is all kinds of hell, let me tell you.

Annoying habits aside, I love sleeping next to this man. And whether he’s by my side each night or not, I know I’ll be as cosy as a clam. Sleep wellness is so, so important. A good nights kip is essential to our health and wellbeing. Without it, our physical and mental health will be affected. Waking up on that cloud like mattress ensures I feel ready for each day. And that’s something I’ll never get bored of.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our little sleep quirks – I’d love to hear yours!!! Leave a comment below with your sleep habits, or your partners. I don’t want you all just laughing at my expense 😉

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