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Plasmic Paisley Lace Cup Bra & Plasmic Paisley French Lace Knickers: Beautiful Bottoms*


Every girl has their ‘thing’. A weakness for something beautiful, be it shoes, handbags or men guaranteed there isn’t a woman in this world who doesn’t covet something.

My weakness? Lingerie.

When I first started wearing a bra (shout out to Tammy Girl), I could not stand wearing anything that wasn’t padded, under-wired and frankly, ugly as hell. It ain’t no secret that I ain’t blessed in the lady lumps department, and when I was younger all I wanted to do was try and make them look bigger.

Then I grew up and realised there was a hell of a lot more to undies than I first thought. Embracing the bee stings I swapped my push-up plunges for lacy loincloths and felt like a new woman – My underwear drawer became the favourite part of my wardrobe.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally still wear old granny pants, but for the days I want to feel sexy? Gimme gimme.

This set, from Beautiful Bottoms London is my newest addition and has to be the most incredible lace set I’ve ever owned.

With a silk covered elastic back and white lace cup it doesn’t get more comfortable or beautiful than this. The knickers fit like a dream – there’s nothing better than wearing lingerie that feels like it’s not even there, and although it’s pricey it’s the perfect treat to you (and him).

Not only is it a set for the boudoir, but it also looks incredible under sheer clothing – I could gush for hours, but you get the gist.

I know this may not suit the ladies whose boobies are bountiful – but if you’re lacking a little like me and want something to make you feel properly gorgeous? Look no further.