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Working in any kind of creative industry, at some point or another, you’ll experience those three soul crushing words:

The Creative Block

When paying your bills relies on your creativity constantly flowing, it can certainly induce panic; and if there’s one thing I get asked more than anything else, it’s:

“How do you keep inspired?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

Like with most things in life, it’s pretty simple – keeping it up is the hard part.

Music. Reading. Me time.

Usually, I like to do them all together.


There aren’t many opportunities in a day where you can totally switch off, and for me, that’s imperative to being able to think about, well, anything.

Making sure that once a week, I go in to the bathroom, close the door and run myself a bath allows me that time. Simply hopping in the tub and chilling out for an hour (or even 15 minutes if I’m on a tight schedule) makes all the difference to my state of mind. The foggy haze of life will slowly lift itself and I can think that little bit clearer.


Music holds the key to my heart and since moving in to my new home it’s been a total godsend – helping to fill what can sometimes be quite an isolating silence.

For the last god knows how many years I’ve listened to music through my phone, it was convenient, so I put up with that tinny, echoey sound.

But owning the Libratone ZIPP has completely changed the way I listen to music.

Having a portable speaker is a game changer guys. Using it for only a matter of weeks the insane amount of benefits have meant I’ll never go back to using my phone, ever.

With ten hours of battery life, I don’t need to have it plugged in and it can come wherever I need to be in the house – winner. That being said it also has multi-room music, which allows you to pair up to 6 speakers together. The very best thing, in my opinion, is that the design enables a 360 degrees FullRoom Sound. UH-HUH. It sends sound waves with unique acoustic technology in every direction, filling a room – which makes my inner tech geek SO happy. And of course, can stream any audio or video and it plays Spotify music without needing your phone. The list goes on, but you get the gist.


The strap means I can hang it any place I want, which is pretty convenient when it comes to listening to a new favourite playlist in the bath. And the freedom it gives me to listen to music when I need it most is priceless.

Music makes me so happy – it takes me to a place I can never get to on my own, and it goes hand in hand with my love for reading. The two together keep me most inspired and I wish I could spend more time with both of them. Alas, once a week is enough to keep those creative juices flowing – listening to others words, be-it song or pages, inspires me more than anything else. It’s like it unlocks a potential in my brain I didn’t know I had, every time. Like, if your words are the only ones you’re hearing, you’re bound to find yourself in a rut, right? Listening to the way others see the world lets me curb that block, I swerve right around it stay on the right track.

Some people take inspiration from others, and I suppose I do too, in a less obvious way.

And that’s it. That’s how I keep my creativity alive.

Music, Reading and Me Time.

How do you keep your creativity alive?

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