I hadn’t known what January blues were until this year. I mean, I understood what they meant in principle, but this year I’ve been able to witness them first hand. You know, get right down in the trenches with the best of them.


Actually, I’ve been experiencing them for a while longer than just the first month of January, but it struck me when 2017 rolled round and the hum of disappointment that hung in the air didn’t just sit heavily on my shoulders alone.

And so it seemed like a good time to share a virtual hug with you – let you know you’re not alone, and that we’re all in this together *breaks in to High School Musical dance routine*. We all have our ways of coping with times that aren’t as jolly as we’d like, and these are mine – a few little tips and tricks that have seen me tread through the sludge of January that little bit easier.

They’re quite possibly the most obvious self-care options out there ladies and gents – but documenting them here means I’ll be more likely to keep them up, and so, here we are. These are the things that are helping me love each day, and myself, a little bit more.


Go for a drive

Or hop on a bus and head to a destination. Play music from your stereo or through your headphones and relax in to the rolling fields or streams of people that you’ll meander past. Being in your own company can sometimes feel a challenge, but if you’re headed somewhere with purpose you can allow yourself to get lost in the moment.

So that you can go for a walk in your favourite place. 

And then come home and take care of yourself. Because *you* are what’s important.

I’m a twenty something woman and I hold a few materialistic religions pretty darn close to my heart, simple things, that as a woman, make me feel more myself. 

My nails are one.

If my nails aren’t looked after, my soul suffers and like it or lump it that’s the way this story goes.



Sally Hansen, aka the queen of nails (or #1 nail care brand in the UK – whichever you prefer), is a brand that revolutionises what it means to have the best nails, time and time again.

We all love a beautiful manicure but can you say your nails are in the best condition they could be? That underneath that pretty polish, your nails are tip top? I doubt it.


And it’s as if Sally knew – because Moisture Rehab is about to change the game – A luxurious, at home formula that contains a powerful blend of natural actives including black orchid, acai and algae to hydrate and rejuvenate nails with the stroke of a brush. You apply it at night or on the go, to bare nails, massage it in and then wave goodbye to anything dry, brittle or broken. I’ve recorded a little photo diary for the first few days of use and hand on heart, my nails feel stronger than ever – they’re shinier, healthier and smoother. It’s my new sleeping beauty secret and you can get your hands nails on it, right now, exclusively in Superdrug.

And with a whole host of new shades added to the manicure mix too, you’re basically guaranteed to lift your own spirits, with your own beauty. It may seem simple, but when my nails look good, I feel good too.

It’s important to make time for you. 

To read, or wind down in whatever way grabs your heart like it should. To me, putting on my favourite pyjamas and jumping in to bed with a new read settles my thoughts. Helps me see more clearly. Gives me time to escape.


They’re simple, yes. But they’ve changed my January for the better and I’ll be maintaining them throughout the rest of the year and beyond.And lastly. This is one I’ve inherited from Laura (Jane Williams). To actively pursue my wellbeing. To keep tabs on my health in all aspects. Hell, technology has come so far and so why on earth were the only apps on my phone social media platforms?! Creating a wellbeing folder to check in daily with myself from using Sleep Cycle to record my sleep patterns to keeping tabs on Cycles for my next period has forced me to understand my mind and body far more than I was doing before.

Please do let me know your tips for beating the January blues, too – I’ve certainly got room to add a few more to my list 🙂

I’m so grateful to Sally Hansen for sponsoring this post – because we all need a pick me up, from time to time.

Shop the Sally Hansen range on Superdrug: https://goo.gl/po1Dzk