Healthy eating is something that I’m slowly but surely
introducing into my routine – and so far it’s been kept most steady with
breakfast. So when Alpro contacted me and asked me to take part in their
#deskfest challenge I was more than willing to give it a shot! They sent me
some rather yummy pouring yoghurts, a hazelnut drink and some almond milk.
This morning was one of those days that you wake up late,
and literally have no time to scrape your hair back, let alone plan what you’re
going to eat for breakfast. On days like today I thank the kitchen for
providing me with a blender (by the kitchen, I mean Mum).
Yogurt is one of my favourite things to accompany my
breakfast so I thought I’d whack it in the blender with some strawberries and
frozen raspberries to create a thick, tasty smoothie. I
went for the simply plain one and the taste is SO GOOD. The consistency is
runny enough to make it easy enough to drink but thick enough to be filling. It took me all of 2 minutes to make, and felt so refreshing.


If I’m honest Alpro isn’t a brand I’d tried before but the
fact that it suits every diet is something that is so appealing. Alpro use
soya to create their products, which is a plant-based extract, creating a naturally healthy alternative to
milk. Milk is something I try to avoid where I can – I quite dislike the taste,
so I’m excited to try the drinks and see how they compare!
#deskfest involves bloggers creating 3 of their own breakfast recipes
and sharing them with their readers, but absolutely anyone can take part by
tweeting their pictures, sharing on instagram using the #deskfest hashtag or
simply just uploading their pictures to the Alpro website.

Are any of you taking part? I’d love to see your pictures or blog posts if you are. And please do let me know if you enjoyed reading this and would like to see more foody posts on Wonderful You?