I’m sat here listening to the most beautiful songs in the world playlist on Spotify. We’ve just had the May bank holiday and my heart is full.

I’m crying.

I’m crying because I’m so happy.

The last year I’ve been so up and down with my health, mostly down. Like I have flickers of hope that are blown out as quickly as a lit match to the wind.

But today I feel wonderful.

And so instead of fearing the next flicker being dimmed, I’m relishing every last second.

Soaking up every ounce of health running through my veins, every inch of happiness drawn so effortlessly across my face. That I wake every day, to love the people I do, to witness the beauty of a sunrise or the flutter of hope as I finish the last page of the book I’m reading.

I’m grateful that at my lowest points I’ve still managed to find my way home.

Home being myself.

I’m awake for the first time in a while, with the world at my feet.

And so this, this post is for the times when the flames gone out, to let me remember that days like this will always come around.

For how can we feel these glorious highs, without those desperate lows?