At the end of May, Jamie and I jetted off to Sardinia for work (I KNOW, I feel so lucky to be able to say that). And we were fortunate enough that once all the hard work was done, we could take some time to relax too, and have a nice little break. I hadn’t been away on holiday since 2016 as saving for the house last year was the main priority, so I fully intended on lapping up some holiday time.

We wanted to make the most of relaxing, so I didn’t take any snazzy photos, but I thought it might be quite nice to share with you a little iPhone diary of some snaps we took whilst we were there.

Situated on a little marina is Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu. It was quite amusing for Jamie and I to pretend we were rich enough to be surrounded by million pound yachts – when really it was just Secret Escapes offering a pretty killer deal on a 5* hotel *smirks*.

It wasn’t a site I’d ever booked through before, and like with everything, I was skeptical purchasing a holiday through a provider I wasn’t sure on. But after stalking the hotel online, mainly via instagram, it was clear to see it was a beautiful place and we went ahead and booked.

We stayed just out of season and stroke pretty hot with some beautiful weather. The hotel pre-season was beautifully calm and peaceful – home to its own little resort, including local restaurants, shops and bars.

We stayed for just 4 nights, which was perfect. If we were staying any longer I definitely would’ve hired a car – seeing as we were pretty remote and taxis cost a fortune in that area. The hotel had ample parking for guests and most people were locals enjoying a luxury break.

The hotel offered a free taxi service to their private beach – which was lovely if you fancied a change of scenery from the hotel pool at no extra charge. You just booked your slot for drop off and collection the morning you wanted to go.

On the day we visited the beach we also took a short walk to a local supermarket to pick up some snacks and bottled water. Whilst I didn’t find the food too pricey for a 5* resort, the water was crazy high.

The food at the hotel restaurants (of which there were two) and the surrounding ones were all absolutely stunning, and it was really nice to have a selection of places to eat that weren’t just the hotel.

So, if you’re looking for a lovely little escape, I’d definitely recommend Sardinia and Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu (although we are only talking from an out of season perspective!)