Okay so here’s the thing. I’m 27 years old and until last month I’d never had a professional bra fitting. I’ve always been the girl with two fried eggs attached to her chest – the one who was picked on at school because clearly something went wrong when diagnosing my sex: aka ‘you look like a boy’. 


I think because of the low self esteem I’d had, and the insistence from the public eye that I was sporting nothing more than two bee stings, I never felt the need to get a fitting; surely the smallest size I could find would do, right? Apparently not.

I stumbled across Wacoal at a recent bloggers event – they’re a lingerie brand who look after a bunch of household names – and with them, I had my first fitting. I was prepared to be all smug and say ‘SEE, I didn’t even need it’, but I couldn’t, because what they told me, changed my life.

So, let’s talk about the four reasons we all need to get a bra fitting.


A cup size isn’t relevant to how big your jigglies are – A cup size is determined by your back size. Who knew?! I didn’t. So basically: the smaller you are in the back, the larger your cup size needs to be and the wider your back? You got it, the smaller the cup size. I’d been wearing a 34A my whole life – when actually my back is only 28/30, which means a C Cup is the perfect fit. It’s funny, isn’t it? How we personally measure the size of a girls boobs based on her cup size, when actually, that could mean any size at all!


I’m not talking about being cocky because I’ve got ‘bigger boobs’ than I originally thought; see above: that’s all poppycock anyway. I mean the confidence it brings to have your lingerie actually fit. That’s what I wanted these photographs to represent. I don’t need to be provocative, act sexy, or push my chest out to make sure there’s no gaps between the fabric and my chest, I’m simply, physically, comfortable. That’s not something I’ve ever been able to say before.


Fashion is meant to be my thing and yet I’d let one fundamental thing slip right through my fingers. How are my clothes meant to look their absolute best on me if I have ill-fitting underwear?! I mean, it’s not rocket science, I’d just never thought about it before. My clothes hang beautifully now I’m not constantly rearranging my bra band and adjusting my straps – everything just *looks* right. You might not have thought about it either, but trust me it makes the world of difference.


Having a bra fitting isn’t just going to save your wardrobe ladies, it’s going to save your body too. Wearing the right size for your shape is not only giving your breasticles the support they need, it’ll completely transform your posture. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a slumping mess of a woman – but having a secure bust has literally made me stand taller.

My point is, whether we’re sporting fried eggs, melons, or we’re somewhere in-between, we all have our own reasons for assuming we don’t need a fitting – but the truth is – our knowledge is stunted.

I posted a selfie on instagram in my new set of lingerie, shouting about how great it is to get a fitting and the response was super interesting. Lots of women saying ‘YES GIRL’, a few saying ‘Didn’t you know how important it was?!’ and then a handful who felt it necessary to say ‘You’re being lied to, there’s no way you’re a C Cup’ and those comments are exactly why I wanted to write this post today.

Knowledge is power.

Your body deserves that knowledge, to be supported, to be comfortable, to be appreciated. And I’m pretty confident you’ll feel like a whole new woman once you’ve done it. Wacoal offer fittings in all stores that sell their lingerie: you can find your nearest one here.

Photography is by Alexandra Cameron – who is currently offering body confidence shoots that I couldn’t recommend more. Click here to get in touch with her and book yours!


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