I had such an overwhelmingly positive and supportive response to my blog post regarding living with an undiagnosed condition. It saddens me so very much that so many of us are having to live this way, but I’m really glad that some of you found some kind of comfort in knowing you’re not alone – I know I did, so thank you.

Since writing the post, I’ve been focusing on looking after myself and wanted to share a few things with you.

Just as a little disclaimer, I am absolutely not a professional and these are simply things that are helping me personally.

Diet seems to have a huge impact on my bowel habits. A seemingly simple process of elimination regarding food types haven’t really worked for me, there doesn’t seem to be one or even a few main culprits and having been tested for absolutely everything regarding allergies I’m a little in the dark. However, there are definitely some bits and pieces that are helping food wise: 

Sweet Potatoes:

These little beauties have a rich source of fibre, are high in antioxidants and contain a bunch of important vitamins and minerals, like iron, calcium and vitamins B and C. They also help to create a healthy digestive system, which is a big plus for me. I’ve been trying to have a baked sweet potato for lunch each day and definitely notice a difference in bloating and general discomfort.


They’re high in pectin which basically means they’re really good at helping to cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract. Need I say more.


Are winners for normalising the bowels (as normal as they can be anyway, ;)) due to their soluble fibre. And whilst they’re not my favourite fruit, I’m currently having one each day.


I’m a big snacker, and have been buying bags of almonds to snack on throughout the day. Again, they’re high in fibre and protein and it’s just nice to know when I’m picking at food, it’s contributing to a healthier gut!

Fresh Mint Tea:

I picked up a mint plant from my local supermarket so that I can have a fresh mint tea each night before bed. Mint is incredibly calming and helps to aid with upset tums or indigestion. I let the kettle cool a little after boiling so I don’t burn the leaves and have this little cup and strainer (similar here) which means I don’t have to chew on the leaves whilst drinking, too! It 200% helps with all of my symptoms, couldn’t recommend it enough. 



One thing I didn’t know was that ibuprofen is really bad for my symptoms – apparently it’s common knowledge, whoops!! I’ve been taking Buscopan for the last year and it does seem to help with flare ups and cramps.


I get really bad nausea and sickness with my tummy and whilst we look into it more, my GP has prescribed me with some anti-sickness tablets. These have been amazing for my bouts of nausea that come out of nowhere and work almost instantly.


I find myself getting anxious about going to bed – my flare ups happen most often in the night and often I can struggle to get to sleep for worrying.

These three things I couldn’t live without for helping me relax at night:

LUSH – Sleepy: A body lotion that’s meant to send you to sleep. It’s an ‘oatmeal infusion’, packed with lavender, organic cocoa butter and tonka. It feels really luxurious and just helps me to relax.

THIS WORKS – Deep Sleep Spray: Again, this is meant to aid towards a decent nights kip. I spritz three sprays on my pillow each night and let the beautiful aromas surround me.

RESCUE REMEDY – Spray: This little miracle is simply diluted flower extracts. When I feel panicked, I spritz two squirts on to my tongue. I can’t really explain it, but I can feel the anxiety loosening its grip after using it – it sometimes, can almost completely eradicate illogical thoughts and just help to keep me focused, rather than losing myself down a rabbit hole of mind chaos.

And that’s it! For now, at least. The little things that are making quite a big difference to my day to day. I’m still a poorly person, but whilst I fight it, these are my buddies helping me along the way!

I hope some of you find this helpful, and of course I would love to know any tips you may have, too.

Photography by Alexandra Cameron.