Friday, 28 November 2014

Those Lovely Advertisers

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I haven't done one of these for a while, but I wanted to to introduce to you a few new corners of the internet, sat comfortably on my sidebar for the month of November. They're proper gems, these ones....

The What Now Blog
For me, Louise is like a breath of fresh air in the blogging world. Step aside fashionistas and beauty hoarders, The What Now Blog provides you with your daily dose of workplace inspiration. How many of us sit there and say: 'I'm so unhappy with my job' or 'I wish I'd done this or that'? Well, Louise is here to provide that little push. Not only will she offer career tips and advice but she sprinkles a dash of lifestyle in there too, giving you ideas for what to do with your weekday evenings or planning trips away. She's even got an 'explore' section so that you can go directly to what you're after, be it learning, relaxing, dining or venturing out of your comfort zone, this blog has it covered. What are you waiting for? Your daily dose of motivation is waiting for you!

Elemental Beauty
Are a UK mineral makeup cosmetic company specialising in pure mineral makeup which is all natural and contains skin healing ingredients such as: Allantoin and Zinc Oxide that are perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin whilst still giving great coverage.
Their foundation promises to not block skins pores – it soothes and heals skin as you wear it (unlike most conventional high street makeup which can tend to aggravate sensitive skin and cause blemishes).
It's also vegan and does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride, oils or parabens so you can happily wear it knowing that you aren’t putting anything nasty on your lovely skin. The perfect addition to your winter makeup!

The Awkward Blog
If you're looking for a super slick, easy to use website - then The Awkward Blog will be right up your street. The writer, Angela provides the perfect level of lifestyle and fashion in the hustle and bustle of lovely London. You can expect to see the latest from some of the top fashion houses press days to reviews of the BBC good food show and Christmas Fayre's. With beautiful photography, a clear passion for writing and a variety of topics covered there is something for everyone. So, who wants to come to the pudding bar with me?

I'm going to be taking a break from advertising until after the New Year. I'm moving house this weekend and I need to focus on general life stuff for a few months, and with the fear that my blog might have to take a bit of a back seat, I thought this was probably the best option :-)
Back to it for 2015 with bigger and better packages and I hope you lot have discovered some new wonders of the web you might not have stumbled across before!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Two Ticks With...Sookie Spartan

This lady, is an absolute diamond. You know one of those people who just oozes loveliness? From just a few simple words you can gauge her personality and I simply love her. 
So, I'll let her do the talking on this one - let me introduce you to, Sookie Spartan.

Firstly, thank you so much for perching your lovely self on my sidebar this month! For those that may not have had the pleasure of coming across your lovely blog, could you sum it up in 3 words?
Sassy. Shopaholic. Beauty-Nerd.
okay… I cheated and included an extra word. Let's add "rebel" to that list.

And if you had to start your entire wardrobe from scratch and just keep ONE item, what would pick and why?

Currently? A large fitted sheet. Pregnancy is no joke. However, my non-pregnant self would choose my knitted Aztec, blue and white cardigan. No matter what I put on underneath, it matches perfectly, chic's up my outfit, and hides all my secrets!

Your blog is bursting with makeup looks and reviews! What's would your staple items be for Autumn/Winter?
What's funny is I find myself going against the grain and wearing my summer tones still, and I don't hate it! Right now, I'm often grabbing my MAC blush in Peaches, my Tarte jumbo eye pencil in Brown (allows for quick application before work in the morning!), my Dior white pencil for quick highlighting on my brow bones (blending this in creates such natural highlight!), and my YSL waterproof mascara for all these rainy autumn days we're having in Michigan! I'm also lucky enough to have a cold right now, so I've been obsessed with my Rose Salve from Bath and Body Works. It's amazing to use as a lip balm, but I've also used it to apply to my nose when I'm feeling a bit raw!

You also have a YouTube channel - could you tell us a little bit about what we could expect to see?

Ah my channel! I actually started out on Youtube and then transitioned to a written blog. Since moving to the country from the city, I've had a wake up call in terms of amenities, and our internet is quite limited! So, I have high hopes for my channel in that although I may not upload quite as much as I'd like (especially with baby coming), I plan on doing more how-to videos, pregnancy/mommy blogs, and random chatty videos on my random, sarcastic thoughts. I'm always open to suggestions, as some people prefer my sarcasm videos, while others like hearing about hauls and my favorite beauty items, so everyone is welcome to let me know which they prefer!

You’re currently expecting a baby – congratulations, how exciting!! Do you have any top tips for mums-to-be, having done it yourself a few times already, you must be an absolute pro!
I'm learning something new everyday about being a mom-to-be! This is my first, and I've been lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy, but we're closing in on the due date (in 2 weeks!), so I've been reflecting a lot. I would say that although I always knew I wanted at least one child, I was completely terrified of the whole process! So, my advice would be to just go with it. It sounds easier said than done, but once you realize there isn't anything you can do about the "what if's" of pregnancy, labor, and raising a baby, you relax a lot more. And that's coming from a naturally anxious person and complete control freak! I can honestly say I've enjoyed this pregnancy a lot and am truly excited about bringing about another beauty and fashion hungry chica into the world!

Marilyn or Audrey?
Audrey. Platinum blonde doesn't suit me in the least bit. I suppose pearls don't either though, so maybe a mix? Mardrey? Yeah, I'll take that.

And finally a quote to live by?

"Everything is temporary." -Me

I in no way mean this to be morbid or an ode to YOLO (I seriously just wrote "ROLO"…pregnancy brain!), but whenever I'm stressed out, rushing through my work days, or wanting to hide from the world and become a hermit, remembering that I can do anything because everything is temporary, helps me get out of my box and do something different or try something new. Now that baby girl is coming, this quote has never been more true! I want to enjoy feeling her squirm, and yes, even kick my bladder during an important meeting, because in a few weeks she'll be out and I know I'll miss having her so close.

The same can go for my blog. It's growing everyday and I want to appreciate each day I'm able to log my life, interests, and sassy thoughts, so I can look back on it someday and say, "hey, I did that!"

(Some questions Sara has thrown in herself, the cheeky monkey!)

Q: Sara, would you like me to be your personal shopper?
A: Why yes Megs. I would like that very much. Thanks so much chica.

Q: What is something we might find surprising about you?

A: I'm actually a psychologist by day! Yeah, it's shocking to me too...

So there you have it, the wonderful woman that is Sara. She's actually given birth to her baby in the time that's passed since our interview, so I suggest you take a look at the links below and send her lots of warm wishes and congratulations on the birth of her beautiful little girl!

Find her everywhere:

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Ultimate Dinner Party with Anthropologie | WIN £100!

A blog post on the Ultimate Dinner Party with Anthropologie

Pulling together a Dinner Party from scratch is no easy-feat and I think we'd all agree that (second to food) presentation is key?
Today, I've pulled together my top picks from the Anthropologie website to showcase how I'd achieve the Ultimate Dinner Party.

Being a host, it's important to feel comfortable in the kitchen. That's why I've opted for this beautiful jumpsuit. It's plain, simple and easy to wear, but it's also smart and eye-catching - meaning I don't need to faff about with accessories.

I'm no whizz in the kitchen but my favourite meal to cook is one of my mums recipes. Chicken, leek and bacon in a white wine cream sauce with filo pastry, served with sweetcorn, green beans and new potatoes. *mouth waters*
Aesthetically it's quite a light coloured dish, which is why I picked out the teal plates, to add a pop of colour - Personally I'd stack the Mooreland Dessert Plates on top of the Chilled Sky Dinner Plate to give some depth to the dish (who cares if their meant for pudding?!).
To keep it consistent and add a little warmth to the table I've opted for some stunning gold wine glasses and candelabras, finished off with fairy lights threaded through the centrepiece of the table. For a personal touch (of course, if expense was an exception) I thought it would be nice to have personalised napkins with the guests initials, just to make them feel extra special. And to complete the look I've opted for similar colours on the coasters, placemats and cutlery.

In fairness, it's hard to go wrong with Anthropologie's home-ware section and all of the items above would make for a pretty special evening.

So what do you think? Do you like my picks? Well, if you do, I've got a bit of a treat for you!

Anthropologie are going to be holding a little competition on their site, where myself and 5 other bloggers will be up against each other to win the best Dinner Party selection!

If you want to be in with the chance of winning £100 to spend at Anthropolgie, then simply head on over to Twitter and tweet:

Megs from @Wonderful_U get's my vote to win the #AnthroDinnerParty competition! Fingers crossed I win the £100 of @AnthropologieEU vouchers! tweet this 

The winner will be announced on December 1st, so get tweeting! Take this as an early Christmas treat, from me, to you :-)

Shop my Ultimate Dinner Party Picks here:
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Friday, 21 November 2014

Travelling with American Tourister & ASOS (+ A Giveaway!)

A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
A personal style travel post featuring the American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case in association with ASOS
American Tourister VIVOTEC Hot Pink Case*. Grey Body: Asos*. Pink Maxi Skirt: Asos*. Belt: Vintage. Boots: Asos*. Pink Maxi Dress: Asos*
I'm lucky enough to have made some (really quite fabulous) new friends through writing my blog, who are dotted all around the country. Be it London, Surrey or Cambridge, there's always a little road trip involved to see their lovely faces.
So when ASOS got in touch with a proposition to collaborate with American Tourister I was hardly going to say no.

I'm a girl and I have to say a pretty unorganised one, at that. I find it near on impossible to go away for a weekend and plan all my outfits, so a suitcase is always a must. I'll throw pretty much my entire wardrobe in so I don't have to stress when I'm there.
A lot of the time I'll be visiting London to attend blogger events, but I'll tie that in with visiting friends and that means more than one outfit, which means? You guessed it, a suitcase.

Now - London is a busy place, dare I say that people don't appreciate someone waddling along slowly with a hefty case whilst they're rushing to get their tube?
That's why this case from American Tourister is so fabulous. Firstly, it's pretty darn bright - I mean, people are gunna see you coming. Secondly, it's super large which not only makes it perfect for your Summer holidays but it also means I can fit all those outfits in without having to sit on top of it to squash it down. Lastly, it's extra lightweight, 100% the lightest case I've ever travelled with (which is great for puny arms like mine!) Oh and it also has a bendy body (I know, right?) which means it's less likely to get damaged on your travels. Winning.

Weekends are the only time I get to dress in my favourite items - so I've put together two similar outfits (get me, colour coordination to the MAX), that I'd typically wear if 'out and about' visiting all those lovely ladies of mine. Comfortable is key when travelling, but I do still like to make an effort where I can. I mean, shoes can be taken off on the train, y'know?

Here's the best bit and where you guys come in...

Want to get your hands on £100 worth of ASOS vouchers and a brand spanking new American Tourister case to boot?

Click here and follow the instructions to enter yourself with a chance to win!

Good luck my lovelies, let me know in the comments below if you entered.

PS. You can shop my look here:

Photography by Alexandra Cameron.
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Thursday, 20 November 2014


a blog post featuring my new hair do. Taking it from long to short!
a blog post of my new hairtstyle. Taking my long hair to short hair in one chop
a blog post of my new hairtstyle. Taking my long hair to short hair in one chop.
Necklace: Muru Jewellery. Jumper: Urban Outfitters. Lipstick: Barry M

I thought it was time for a change around here.

What a cliché I am – going through a difficult period in my life and suddenly, I’m on my drive home from work realising that I have my 6 weekly appointment to get my red roots touched up and I think to myself ‘shall I just cut it off?’ – everyone likes to reinvent themselves when they feel a bit lost, don’t they? So I guess I’m no exception to the rule. I’d just never even considered going short again, but it popped in to my mind and I took to Twitter to ask your advice, the resounding outcome was GO FOR IT! (apart from my mum, who made it very clear that I would 100% regret it, love you).

I gave it all of 12 hours thought and then there I was, telling Amy my hairdresser to go ahead and get rid. She took my ponytail and chopped it off in one chunk, holding it in my hands I was surprised that I didn’t really feel, well, anything really.

I thought I’d be sweating, have a little adrenaline at the very least but I was like ‘hey, there’s my hair, in my hand – okay then’.

I guess I was just ready for it.

The last time I had short hair, I was 11 and for some reason I thought blonde with red highlights (yes you heard right) would be a flattering look – FYI it wasn’t.

I basically wanted it in the style of Emma Stone, because: goddess. So the style itself is a blunt, long bob with a tiny graduation from the back to front. I wanted to keep it that little bit longer because I rarely wear my hair straight, so I knew with having it styled curly it would lift it up that extra inch. Plus, taking it too short on my first cut was just that bit too daring for me – maybe next time!

So here we are: 8 inches shorter and I'm feeling considerably lighter.

I’m so glad I took the leap and it turns out impromptu decisions can work out, sometimes.

Here's to the new me.

What do you think?!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Learning to be Alone

A blog post on learning to be alone and how that doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely.
A blog post on learning to be alone and how that doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely.
A blog post on learning to be alone and how that doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely.
Dress: Sugarhill Boutique. Belt: Vintage. Hat: Urban Outfitters. Necklace: Azuni
Sometimes, now more often than not, I like to be alone.

There's an unspoken fear for a lot of us, that being alone means we are lonely. And just lately I am learning that perhaps that's not really the case. In fact, it definitely isn't. 

Learning to be alone and being truly okay with it is no easy feat - actually? It's a big fucking achievement.

My good friend Laura has taught me a lot, but one thing she said recently resonated with me.

"Megan, you already know how to do this. You're just looking for permission from others to do it".

Why do we seek permission?

For every idea, every fear, every choice, I look to others for the right to proceed, to go forth with what I think is right. Because if others think it's the right thing to do then it must be, mustn't it?

I've realised that actually, maybe, I should spend that time listening to myself.

The past two months have involved me filling every waking hour with something to do, socialising my butt off. I haven't wanted to be alone in my own company for fear that I wouldn't be able to cope with what that involved. Because that's what everyone tells you to do, isn't it? Keep busy.

We're all guilty - of seeking out others for comfort, for purpose. Everyone seems to think that in order to be successful in life we need a partner to succeed. Another half to complete the puzzle. And who can blame us? That's what everyone does, of course we want a slice of the pie!

No-one said it was easy: to go home and know there's no-one there to share your day with, to sleep alone, to be surrounded by silence. Which is probably why so many of us avoid it.
But I'm realising that I am capable. Why should it be a bad thing? To make time for the people we care about, but ultimately? Focus on number one.

Being alone doesn't mean we are lonely, it means we're making the most of the time we have, to be the best version of ourselves. Is it scary? Yes. But sometimes facing the darkness, fearlessly, can be the best gift we can give to ourselves. 

Because if we can be satisfied in our own company, we'll exceed others expectations, without even trying.

No-one is alone for always, but perhaps whilst we are, we can make the most of what we have the potential to be.

Photography by Alexandra Cameron.
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Friday, 31 October 2014

The Perfect Body | Women vs. Women

Victoria's Secret are under fire today, for their rather bold 'Perfect Body' campaign...
A blog post on Meghan Trainor and Victoria's secret, equally shaming women of different sizes with their latest hit and campaign.

And quite rightly so.
Their new range of lingerie claims to encapsulate everything that a perfect piece of underwear should - but their message? Is completely muddied by their incredibly insensitive advertising. The models, each one barely a size 6 hints that in order to have the perfect lingerie, you'll require the perfect body, too.

Intentional? Who am I to say. Damaging? Completely.

On the flip side we have Meghan Trainor - a brand spanking new artist with her latest hit 'All about that bass'.
Now, whilst I think it's fabulous to have a woman speak out and say 'HEY! It doesn't matter what size we are, we're all lovely' Meghan is also giving a pretty shallow-minded perspective on women's weight.
With lyrics such as 'I'm bringing booty back, go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that' - insinuating that if you're skinny, you're not as attractive. Well, it's not exactly the cheerleader approach we should be taking for each other, is it?

With mixed messages like these what exactly are we meant to do? If you're above a size 14? Not acceptable. If you're under a size 14? Not acceptable. And we only have ourselves to blame. We spend our lives whittling and moaning about how there is so much pressure on us as women to have the perfect body. Yet we are directly behind both extremes.

Both messages are unhealthy. They promote low self-esteem and body-image issues in equal measure. Perhaps we could just stop shaming each other? Accept that we are all different, whatever our size it shouldn't matter.

What makes me sad though? That Victoria's Secret will more than likely have to remove this advert (which I completely agree with). Meghan Trainor? She'll continue to hold on to her number one spot she's had for weeks on end, why? Because we've purchased the record and supported it. Just like we've brought that underwear.

If you're 'skinny' it doesn't mean you're perfect.

But don't think that 'bringing booty back' is an excuse to shame women who aren't.

We should all be in this, together. 
A blog post on Meghan Trainor and Victoria's secret, equally shaming women of different sizes with their latest hit and campaign.
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